Reported:  2008-07-07 Sighted:  2008-06-30 – Sedona, Arizona

I saw these in a photo I took, but not until the day after when I was uploading them to my computer AZ, US


I was in Sedona visiting my brother and his fiancée. It’s really hot there, so they wait until late evening to go out. We were driving to a place called red rock crossing, and I was taking photos of the mountain landscapes out the window along our drive. I had my camera set to "sports", so it can capture images while moving without blurring them. The next day, I uploaded my photos to my computer and was looking at them, to weed out the good shots and delete the crappy ones.

Anyway, in one shot, I noticed a weird diamond shaped cloud, and a weird rectangle to the left with what looked like a rectangle shadow above it and to the right. I went into Photoshop and brought up the contrast to try and see the weird shapes more clearly, and cropped them. I emailed them to some about 5 people, one who is an astronomer, and nobody knew what it was. Nobody knew. But, the last night of my trip, my brother had a party. I showed the photo to some locals and one guy told me to turn the photo sideways (landscape to the right) and zoom in to the diamond, because he said some "ships" fly sideways. Sure enough, it looks like a saucer. Also, I noticed more rectangles in the shot to the right. There are some shadows of dots, but that might just be birds or something. Anyway, the diamond shape is clearly not a cloud. The craziest thing is I never even saw them when I took the photo.  

After the party night, I couldn't sleep well and woke up from 2 "nightmares" because I was scared of aliens. I thought i saw people walking in the room I was staying in, but they were dreams. Sometimes I think I see people or weird see through things in my room when I am in that weird in between realm between sleep and wakefulness. I have always been interested in UFOs stuff, and had some dreams years and years ago. But honestly, I haven't thought about it in years, and I wasn't thinking about UFOs or aliens on this trip...until I saw the weird photo. I can hardly believe I took that shot! So, please investigate the photos or yourself and let me know what you find out. I can email you the original photo without the contrast and cropping. But I am at my friend's house in Atlanta and my computer won't get online, so I had to send the email versions I emailed he form my trip.

Original Photo

Original Photo

Original Photo

Reported:  2008-07-07 Sighted:  2008-07-06  - California

Four flashing Orbs Green Blue red white rotating fast CA, US

looking up at the stars last night I noticed a flashing pulsars then 3 more , I rarely saw four in a straight line from east to west, so I decided to retrieve my telescope Celestron 130 slt with 2X Barlow lens with plossl fully coated 12.5mm and noticed they were or seemed to be rotating and flashing like a siren all type of torques colors blue green red white called my wife out to take a look and a few friends were all equally amazed , I took 20 pics and 5 movie clips was there for a good hour and a half and then they all disappeared.

I panned the skies for another hour I wanted to explain it before I went to bed couldn't find it. However I noticed a lot of what appeared to be satellites (white dots, star like) zipping across the sky in all directions it seemed every few minutes another one would cross the viewfinder path moved to quickly to see through telescope so I grabbed my binoculars some would disappear or fade out before 15* to horizon other would make it all the way assuming they continued I can only follow to about 5 degrees.

Still curious I grabbed my night vision Single Scope made in Russia night Owl optics Give a pretty big view plus 10 x 35 mag. I haven’t found away to take pics through it but will come up with something what i saw was pretty amazing, I aimed into the sky ( above my head) then flipped on infra-red within a minute I began seeing moving white dots (all stars look like white dots through the night vision some lager then others, lots of them) I was telling myself this must be normal a lot of debris up there NORAD claims to be track like 9000 pieces perhaps it was the suns reflection hitting this debris? I don’t know, will invest in a night vision camera.

Original Photo

Original Photo

Original Photo


I was in line waiting to enter the Nippon Budokan to view a title boxing match. While I was in the line I decided to take out my 6.0 mega pixel digital Sony camera that was locked on to my belt and take a picture of the front of the building to keep as a souvenir. I took the picture. I then took a quick look at the picture in my camera. A few seconds later I took a second look because I had seen something else on the top right corner of the picture. Suddenly a strange feeling just jolted up my body. Like when the hairs of your back just shoot right up. The feeling was very unpleasant. My body told me to look up so then I did.

That was when I saw the silver disk like shape. The hovering disk was emitting some sort of eerie black shade underneath it I don't know what it was. My eyes just went wide open, I began to sweat. The flying object was just hovering in mid air at a great distance from the floor for a couple of seconds. I quickly turned to tap the gentleman that was next to me to look. When I looked back, the flying disk was gone. No sign whatsoever of it. I later started thinking that maybe it was a result of the years in boxing that made me see things. But now I now that it was no Imagination because I have a picture of it.

Original Photo

Source: MUFON

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